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  1. The primary guest is the name of the person on the booking,

  2. The primary guest is the main contact and is the primary person responsible for the property and reservation

  3. Minimum primary guest age is 18years old.

  4. For properties with configurable bedding set up - guests will be required to pay a fee if changes to bedding configurations are requested less than 10 days prior to arrival

  5. Please read the property description relating to guest numbers and bed/bedroom access. Some houses will have a base rate that includes up to a particular number of guests, with access to rooms/bedrooms based on the number booked. When adding extra guests the rooms/beds will be unlocked accordingly. If you have booked for the maximum number of guests the entire house will be available to you.

  6. We reserve the right to refuse any booking.

Property Rules/Guest conduct.

  1. Guests must take care of the property and return it in the same condition as it was presented

  2. Guests must report any issues or maintenance concerns that have the potential to impact thier stay immediately. Issues that need attention same day must be communicated by a phone call to ensure allocation to a team member, subsequent email/sms communication should follow to document any concerns.

  3. Guests may only check in after the check in time on the arrival day, unless otherwise agreed via email, sms or messenger.

  4. Guests must check out and provide vacant possession of the property on the departure day, at or before the departure time unless otherwise agreed via email, sms or messenger

  5. Guests may be subject to overstay charges if they arrive early or depart late without agreement from Daylesford Bnb

  6. Guests are responsible for securing the property on departure

  7. Guests must turning off all heating, cooling and electrical appliances and extinguish all fires.

  8. Guest must ensure all keys provided are returned securely to the correct lockbox on departure to the secure

  9. Guests must ensure fireplaces are operated in accordance with fire restrictions and are extinguished upon leaving the house.

  10. Guests agree to quiet times between 10pm and 7am each day

  11. Parties are not permitted, events must be agreed to prior to booking

  12. Pets and animals are not permitted in non-pet friendly homes

  13. Smoking and Vaping are not permitted.

Accommodation Rates

  1. Weekend nights are Friday and Saturday

  2. Discount codes and specials must be activated at the time of booking.

  3. A 2 night minimum applies to all general rates and extra guest fees except where last minute overrides have been applied.

  4. 1 night bookings may be available up to 14 days prior to arrival and may attract up to a 75% premium

  5. Weekends, Public holidays and nominated special periods will attract additional minimum stays and seasonal rates.

  6. If a system error has caused incorrect rates to be calculated or incorrect details to be listed, we reserve the right to amend the rate or details of a property after it has been booked and/or paid online. Guests who may be impacted by such will be given the opportunity to cancel or change their booking with no penalty.


  1. Please refer to our cancellation policy


  1. Payment processing/credit card transaction fees form part of our Management Fee which is non-refundable.

  2. Online Payments may be made by Visa , Mastercard, Amex, PayID or Bank Transfer.

  3. Access to the property will only be provided once we have confirmed receipt of total booking fees due.

  4. We are not responsible for any impact to service arising from the delay of payment being received. .

  5. Payments must be made on the due date

  6. Failure to make booking payments on or by the due date may result in your booking being cancelled or check-in delayed.

  7. No refund or discount will be offered where fees have not been received on time.

  8. Guests may request payments be split by up to four transactions.

  9. Enquires relating to refunds or failed payments handled via third party booking services must be made directly to the third party channel.

Accommodation Quotations

  1. All prices quoted expire after 12 hours


  1. At Pet friendly properties a pet fee 55 per pet per stay is payment

  2. Pets must be included in your reservation when booking or added to your reservation prior to arrival

  3. At non pet friendly properties guests will be liable for deep cleaning/pet remediation commencing at 250 if pets attend the property.

  4. Excess cleaning may be charged - Excess cleaning for Pet cleaning starts from $165 and may be higher depending on the size of the house and the amount of excess cleaning required.

  5. Guests are expected to clean up after their pets this includes but is not limited to - cleaning up outside after their pet toileting and prevent animals from urinating or defecating inside the house; Provide and use covers for fabric furniture, bedding, couches where animals may lay or spend time; Provide their own drinking/food bowls and not use household dishware for animals; ensure animals are supervised inside at all times; ensure animals are supervised when outdoors on the property to the extent that wildlife is not impacted; ensure compliance with local laws and directives with respect to animals, noise and neighbours. with dog blankets covers

Excess Charges

  1. Whilst you are in residence, you are fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the property, its furniture and fittings.

  2. Any breakages, damage or loss must be reported to us immediately.

  3. We reserve the right to request and hold a security deposit at any time prior to or during a booking for losses we reasonably suspect we may incur.

  4. We reserve the right to request and charge the primary guests credit card for losses sustained either accidentally, maliciously or through negligence on the guest's behalf.

  5. In exercising this right, we will first make any claim through Aircover or any other third party booking site insurance that may be available prior to charging the guest directly for overages or excess charge.

  6. We will send communication to the primary guest via a phone call and also via email or sms message using the primary guests contact details providing at the time of booking.

  7. We will provide a summary of any excess charges and if available photos, videos, copies of invoices or quotes

The following items include excess charges but is not an exhaustive list of excess charges;

  1. Pet Fee

  2. Extra Guest Fees

  3. Late Check out fees

  4. Excess cleaning

  5. Repair or replacement of damaged items

  6. Replacement of lost or stolen items.

  7. Excessive Rubbish removal

  8. Extended stays

  9. Extra bedrooms occupied

  10. Smoking/Vaping cleaning

  11. Lost keys

  12. Call outs

  13. Emergency repairs where guests are at fault for damage

All Extra Charges with a specified amount or minimum is subject to change without notice.


  1. We do not refund for change of mind or once the fee-free cancellation period has expired.

  2. Refunds are issued less any non-refundable component.

  3. A partial credit or refund may be offered to guests at the discretion of Daylesford Bnb

  4. We reserve the right to waive any non-refundable fees when processing cancellations.

  5. Guests should consider travel insurance to protect against loss while travelling or staying away from home.

  6. We encourage guests to understand their consumer guarantee rights and how COVID-19 may impact your consumer rights.

Loss to guest

  1. We strongly urge guests to consider travel insurance.

  2. We are not responsible for the security of your belongings and encourage you to ensure your accommodation is secure at all times.

  3. We are not responsible for any items left behind on the property.

  4. Belongings left in the property on departure will be disposed of as we do not have the space to store guest belongings or the infrastructure to arrange the return of items in a timely manner.

  5. Guests are welcome to request access and return to the property prior to the next guests arrival to retrieve items left behind if they have been located or the property has not yet been turned over.

  6. Guest must contact us immediately if there are any issues that impact their stay, and we ask that guests get in touch as soon as practical if their experience is less than 5 stars at any time during their stay. We can not consider compensation if we are not provided an opportunity to investigate, fix or rectify an issue when it occurs.

  7. Regional Victoria is subject to area power outages, internet disruptions, total fire bans and road closures due to flooding or fires.

  8. All properties are privately owned, while Daylesford Bnb has discretion to arrange emergency repairs and take urgent maintenance action, some issues may require approval from the property owner prior to arrangements for a remedy.

  9. Compensation is not provided in the event of the failure of a complementary utility or services or the failure of non-essential household equipment and appliances. For example (not an exhaustive list): Internet and streaming services are provided as complementary services; Portable heaters, lamps, TV's and toasters are examples of non-essential household appliances; Water/hot service, Cooktop, Source of home heating during winter are examples of essential services/appliances.

  10. In the event of a failure to essential utilities or appliances every effort will be made to rectify the issue as soon as possible or to provide an alternative. If guests experience essential utilities or appliances interruptions lasting more than 8 hours or no alternative can be supplied, guests may cancel their reservation at anytime with unspent nights offered as a refund or a credit.

  11. A further credit for an additional night or more depending on the severity of impact may be offered at the discretion of Daylesford Bnb and in negotiation with the primary guest. If the primary guest or any members of their group decide to continue the stay during an ongoing essential service disruption Daylesford bnb may offer a partial refund of up to 50% of the daily rate for each affected day during the remainder of the reservation.


Please visit our Covid-19 Information Page.

Feedback & Customer Service.

  1. We love great reviews and hope you will contact us should you have any issues or have experienced a less than 5 star service.

  2. If you have feedback whether positive or negative please make contact with our office at the first available opportunity.

  3. We appreciate the opportunity to investigate, fix or rectify issues when they occur.

  4. Any complaint or feedback is recorded, shared with the relevant team and/or owner.

  5. We make every effort to resolve a matter so that you can continue to enjoy your stay.

  6. We operate remotely, and rely on other local service and hospitality businesses to provide some of our guest services, so your feedback is super important to us.

  7. Housekeepers take a certain level of care with the property however should you feel that something may have been overlooked please bring this to our attention so that we can assist or schedule a team member to correct the issue.

Receipts and Invoices

  1. Guests may request a receipt from us at anytime after payment has been made.

  2. If you require an invoice prior to making payment please contact us and request an invoice.

  3. Receipts are provided on behalf of the properties owner from: MAJESTIV PTY LTD Trading as Daylesford BnB ABN 77652608207

Last Updated: June 12, 2023
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