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Jubilee Lake Holiday Park and Cafe

Jubilee Lake Holiday Park offers a tranquil getaway with its picturesque setting and scenic lake views. The park provides various accommodation option...
Daylesford post office and roundabout at Vincent St

Daylesford Post Office

The Daylesford Post Office provides efficient and reliable postal services. The staff is friendly and helpful, ensuring smooth transactions for sendin...

Daylesford Police Station

The Daylesford Police Station is responsive and efficient in handling emergencies and non-emergency situations. The officers are helpful and dedicated...
woman in teal scrub suit sitting beside man in white medical scrub suit

Daylesford Hospital

The Daylesford Hospital is a vital healthcare facility with dedicated doctors and nurses who provide efficient and compassionate care in emergency sit...
woman standing between library book shelves

Daylesford Library

The Daylesford Library is a wonderful community space with a great collection of books and resources. The staff is friendly, and they often host event...
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Daylesford Amcal Pharmacy

Daylesford Amcal Pharmacy is a well-stocked pharmacy with a friendly and helpful staff. They offer a range of products and services, including prescri...
Lake House Restaurant - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Lake House Restaurant

Lake House Restaurant is a fine-dining establishment that serves contemporary cuisine using fresh, local ingredients. The restaurant has an extensive ...
RedBeard Bakery - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

RedBeard Bakery

RedBeard Bakery is an artisan bakery located in Trentham that offers a range of handmade sourdough bread and pastries.
Bistro Terroir - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Bistro Terroir

Bistro Terroir is a cozy French restaurant that serves classic French cuisine using locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant has a warm and invitin...
Coffee Basics Das Kaffeehaus - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Coffee Basics Das Kaffeehaus

Coffee lovers will appreciate the quality and variety of coffee available at Coffee Basics Das Kaffeehaus. The cafe offers a range of single origin an...
Cliffys Emporium - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Cliffys Emporium

Located in Daylesford, Cliffys Emporium is a delightful shop that offers everything from gourmet food to vintage books and homeware. It's a great spot...
Swiss Mountain Hotel - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Swiss Mountain Hotel

The Swiss Mountain Hotel is a historic hotel located in Blampied that offers traditional country-style accommodation and a restaurant with a seasonal ...
Fook Shing - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Fook Shing

A trip to the Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa is a must-do for anyone visiting the Daylesford region. The spa offers a wide range of treatments and packages, ...
Daylesford Picnic Boxes - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Daylesford Picnic Boxes

Daylesford Picnic Boxes provides a range of delicious and locally sourced picnic boxes that are perfect for couples, friends, or families. The custom ...
Beppe Kitchen + Bar - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Beppe Kitchen + Bar

Located in Trentham, Beppe Kitchen + Bar is an Italian restaurant that offers a seasonal menu with dishes made from locally sourced produce. The cozy ...
The High Tea Mistress - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

The High Tea Mistress

The High Tea Mistress offers a sophisticated and indulgent experience for couples or groups of friends. The elegant and whimsical tea parties feature ...
Brooklands Free Range Farms - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Brooklands Free Range Farms

Brooklands is a great place to visit for families and groups who want to learn about sustainable farming practices and get up close with the animals. ...
Mill Markets - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Mill Markets

Sault Restaurant is a fine dining destination that offers stunning views of the Daylesford region. The restaurant serves delicious food made with loca...
Johnny Baker - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Johnny Baker

Johnny Baker is a boutique patisserie located in Daylesford that offers a range of handcrafted pastries, cakes, and chocolates. It's a great spot for ...
Chocolate Mill - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Chocolate Mill

Chocolate Mill is a delightful chocolate shop with an impressive range of hand-crafted chocolates. Visitors can take a tour of the factory to see how ...
Frank and Connie's Kitchen - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Frank and Connie’s Kitchen

For a unique and unforgettable experience, why not try a llama trek at Hanging Rock? This activity is perfect for families with young children or anim...
Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co.

Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. offers a range of locally sourced mineral water and drinks. The on-site store offers tastings, so it's a gr...
Golden Nugget Discovery Tours - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Golden Nugget Discovery Tours

For solo travelers or small groups, Golden Nugget Discovery Tours offers an unforgettable journey through the historic gold mining region of Victoria....
Forest Glade Gardens - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Forest Glade Gardens

Forest Glade Gardens is a magnificent garden with a diverse collection of plants and flowers. Visitors can take a stroll through the gardens, relax on...
Hanging Rock Winery - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Hanging Rock Winery

Set against the backdrop of the stunning Hanging Rock, this winery offers delicious wines, stunning views, and an inviting atmosphere. Visitors can en...
Mt Franklin Organics - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Mt Franklin Organics

This charming organic farm is the perfect place for a peaceful and relaxing getaway. The farm offers guided tours and workshops that are perfect for f...
Hanging Rock Cafe - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Hanging Rock Cafe

This quaint café offers a range of light meals, snacks, and drinks, as well as stunning views of Hanging Rock. Perfect for families, groups, and fr...
Harrys Hepburn - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Harrys Hepburn

Health and wellness enthusiasts will love Harry's Hepburn, a plant-based café that offers a range of delicious and nutritious dishes, smoothies, an...
Farmers Arms Hotel Daylesford - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Farmers Arms Hotel Daylesford

This historic hotel and restaurant is a must-visit for those looking for classic pub food and a cozy atmosphere. Families, groups, and friends will en...
Wombat Hill Gardens - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Wombat Hill Gardens

Wombat Hill Gardens is a lovely destination for nature lovers, families, and couples looking for a romantic retreat. Located in the heart of Daylesfor...
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Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls is a stunning natural wonder and is an ideal spot for nature lovers, solo travelers, and adventurous tourists. The impressive 32-meter-...
Maze House - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Maze House

Located in the stunning Macedon Ranges, Gisborne Peak Winery is the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts. The winery offers a variety of award-win...
Hanging Rock Llama Treks - Daylesford BNB Travel Guide

Hanging Rock Llama Treks

Frank and Connie's Kitchen is a unique restaurant that offers a modern twist on traditional Australian cuisine. The menu changes frequently, so there ...
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Black Cat Truffles

Black Cat Truffles offers a unique and immersive experience for couples or small groups. The truffle farm provides a tour that includes a truffle hunt...
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