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Your Airbnb Co-host

Whether you're a seasoned Airbnb host or new to the holiday rental property industry, we are committed to helping you maximize your property's potential and create a memorable stay for your guests.

Experience Effortless Airbnb Co-Host Services For Your Holiday Rental Property

With Daylesford Co hosting & short-term rental business support, let us take care of the details like guest communication, check-in, check-out to managing guest experience and cleaning scheduling while you focus on providing a remarkable stay in this enchanting destination.

Add A Co-Host And Transform Your Vacation Rental Property Experience

We understand the demands and intricacies for vacation rental property owners - and running a successful Airbnb listing. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support for listing owners and personalized Airbnb co-hosting services. We ensure your property and Airbnb account operates seamlessly while delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Your Co host Property Manager for anything Airbnb

If you're a busy Airbnb host, you may have considered hiring a co-host to take care of things.

A co-host is an excellent way to ensure your guests are properly taken care of, without having to be there every time. Your co-host property manager for anything Airbnb will be your right-hand man when it comes to managing your listing, pricing, and guest communication. They can determine your potential earnings based on market analysis and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. A dependable co-host can help you manage the day-to-day tasks of running your Airbnb business, including check-ins, cleaning, and responding to guest inquiries.

Best Co-host Package for Property Owners

Your co-host is a valuable asset to your Airbnb operation, so it's crucial to find someone who you can rely on and blend well with. Look for someone with experience in the hospitality industry, who understands the importance of guest satisfaction and paying attention to detail. Above all, communicate openly and regularly with your co-host to keep everything running smoothly. By working together, you and your co-host can create a successful Airbnb business that delivers excellent customer service and financial returns
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Co-hosted with HostAway +

Your Complete Solution for Hassle-Free Property Management and Maximum Revenue Generation! With our comprehensive Airbnb co-host service, we provide you with full access to Hostaway, the leading property management platform, without any agency commission.

What is included?

With Daylesford Co-hosting, you to focus on delivering a remarkable stay for your guests in this enchanting destination. Experience the convenience, revenue growth, and peace of mind that come with this comprehensive co-hosting service.
  • Full Property Manager Access for your property
  • NO agency commission
  • Multiple perfectly synced profiles on all the major channels like Airbnb,, VRBO and more
  • Unified Guest Inbox
  • Listed on Daylesford bnb with a direct link to your website/phone
  • PriceLabs for Dynamic Pricing
  • Google Vacation Rentals (coming soon)
  • Your own Direct Booking Website
  • Handle your income your way, Receive payments and payouts directly
  • List with YOUR OWN online travel agency (ota) profiles
  • IOS Android or Web Access to reservations, guest inbox and more
  • Automated/Scheduled guest messaging
  • Automated alerts/notifications for housekeeping
  • 4 support calls (up to 45mins each) every year for any issue you might need assistance with (like airbnb resolutions, guest/host cancellations, pricing strategy advice etc)
  • access to Discounted listing optimisation, pricing strategy, photography, social media and organic search optimisation service and more

call us for a free consultation and listing review.

Co host Property Management

Co-hosting is a service offered by Daylesford bnb where a property owner can hire us as a trusted professional to help with managing their Airbnb listing. We love to work together with a busy airbnb host to manage the property, increase the number of bookings and revenue and making improvements to the overall management of the property and guests. In our co-hosting service we help you select and set up a property management system that will increase occupancy and revenue while reducing complexity and effort.
Co host Property Management
We help with the heavy lifting and bulk of the effort, provide advice and options based on your situation and support you to be a great host - Our primary Co-host service uses HostAway software but we can also help you get set up on any PMS or channel manager that might suit you better.
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What's Included:
  • No Agency Commission
  • Integrated Property Management System set up for your property
  • Rate strategy, dynamic pricing and occupancy optimisation 
  • Automate 80% of your bookings, communication, pricing and operations
  • Support and Advice from Daylesford BNB
  • List with your own Airbnb, VRBO & Account
  • Accept 100% of Guest Payments Directly
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