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Losing Airbnb Superhost status can be devastating but here’s five easy things to do now

So you lost Superhost and now you need to work hard to boost your listing in search and optimise for more bookings. Losing Airbnb Superhost status can be a setback for a host’s reputation and visibility on the platform, but there are steps that can be taken to improve listing optimization and visibility.

There can be several impacts on your listing and your overall performance on the platform if you have not yet obtained or lose Superhost status. In particular search visibility and a drop in bookings may be experienced.

How might my listing be affected if I lose Superhost status?

There can be several impacts on your listing and your overall performance on the platform if you have not yet obtained or lose Superhost status. In particular search visibility and a drop in bookings may be experienced.

Superhosts are often given more visibility on Airbnb’s platform, which can lead to more bookings and a higher occupancy rate. Losing Superhost status can mean that your listing is less visible to potential guests.

Visibility on Airbnb is essential to a successful listing because it helps attract more guests and increase occupancy rates. Airbnb is a highly competitive platform, with millions of listings worldwide. As a result, hosts need to take steps to ensure that their listings stand out and are visible to potential guests.

There are several ways that visibility impacts the success of an Airbnb listing. First, when a listing is more visible, it is more likely to receive inquiries and bookings. This can lead to higher occupancy rates, which in turn can increase revenue for the host.

Second, visibility can help establish credibility with potential guests. When a listing is highly visible, it signals to guests that it is popular and well-regarded by other travellers. This can help increase the likelihood that a guest will choose a particular listing over others in the same area.

Third, becuause listings with more visibility get more bookings, the occupancy level can impact a listing’s search ranking on Airbnb. Airbnb’s search algorithm takes into account several factors when determining which listings to display in search results, including the quality of the listing, the host’s response rate and time, and the number of bookings and reviews. Listings that have high visibility and are frequently booked are more likely to rank higher in search results.

Credibility – a perceived guarantee of quality and service.

Superhost status is a sign that you are an experienced and trusted host on Airbnb. Losing this status can make it harder to establish credibility with potential guests. Superhosts are experienced and trusted hosts who have demonstrated exceptional hospitality, with high ratings and a track record of positive reviews from previous guests. As a result, guests are more likely to feel comfortable booking with a Superhost, as they know they will receive a high level of service and a positive experience.

Credibility is also important on Airbnb because it helps guests feel secure and confident in their booking decisions. When a guest books a stay on Airbnb, they are essentially trusting a stranger with their personal safety and well-being. As a result, guests need to feel confident that the host is trustworthy and reliable. Credibility on Airbnb is established through a combination of factors, including the host’s profile, reviews, ratings, and response time.

Having a credible and trustworthy profile can help attract more bookings, increase occupancy rates, and generate positive reviews. Positive reviews, in turn, can help improve search rankings and increase visibility on Airbnb, making it easier for potential guests to find and book a listing.

Dedicated Customer Support & Extra Benefits

Superhosts have access to dedicated customer support from Airbnb, which can be helpful in resolving any issues that arise during a guest’s stay. Losing Superhost status may mean that you have less support from Airbnb when dealing with guest issues.

These are the support extras we would miss dearly if we didn’t have Superhost status.

  1. Priority customer support: Superhosts have access to priority customer support, which means they can get help with any issues or questions more quickly than regular hosts. This can be particularly helpful in the event of an emergency or if there is an urgent situation that needs to be addressed.
  2. Exclusive invitations and discounts: Airbnb often offers exclusive invitations and discounts to Superhosts for events and experiences, as well as for tools and services that can help improve their listings and hosting experience. For example, Superhosts may receive invitations to attend local host meetups or exclusive webinars, as well as discounts on professional photography services or pricing tools.
  3. Increased visibility: Superhosts often receive increased visibility on Airbnb, as they are featured more prominently in search results and in the Superhost badge on their listing. This can help attract more bookings and increase occupancy rates, as guests are more likely to choose a Superhost listing over a non-Superhost listing.

Bookings, Occupancy & Revenue

  1. Bookings: Losing Superhost status can impact your overall booking rate, as guests may be more likely to choose a Superhost over a non-Superhost listing. This can result in a lower occupancy rate and lower overall revenue.

So what can you do after losing Airbnb Superhost status?

If you lose Superhost status on Airbnb, it’s important to take steps to improve your listing and your overall performance on the platform. This may include improving your communication with guests, updating your listing photos and descriptions, and offering exceptional service to your guests.

  1. Enhance your listing: Make sure your listing is accurate and up-to-date, with high-quality photos and a detailed description of your space and amenities. Ensure that your listing’s title and tags include relevant keywords and descriptions that will help it show up in Airbnb’s search results.
  2. Offer competitive pricing: Look at similar listings in your area and make sure that your pricing is competitive. Consider offering discounts or promotions to attract guests.
  3. Respond quickly to inquiries: Airbnb rewards hosts who respond quickly to inquiries from guests. Make sure to respond promptly to any messages or inquiries you receive, and be helpful and responsive to guests throughout their stay.
  4. Get positive reviews: Positive reviews from guests are crucial to your listing’s visibility and reputation on Airbnb. Make sure to provide a great guest experience, and encourage guests to leave a review after their stay.
  5. Participate in Airbnb’s programs: Airbnb offers several programs, such as the Airbnb Plus and Airbnb Experiences programs, that can help increase visibility and attract guests to your listing. Consider applying to participate in these programs if your listing meets their criteria.
  6. Use Airbnb’s tools: Airbnb offers a range of tools and resources to help hosts optimize their listings and attract guests. Make use of these tools, such as the Host Dashboard and the Airbnb Guidebook, to improve your listing’s visibility and guest experience.

Losing your Airbnb Superhost status can be a big blow to your business, but it’s not the end of the world. By taking the five easy steps we’ve outlined, you can work towards getting back on track and improving your rating. Remember to communicate effectively with guests, provide a clean and comfortable space, be responsive to inquiries and reviews, and go above and beyond to make your guests feel welcome. By following these simple guidelines, you can improve your hosting skills and regain your Superhost status in no time. So don’t get discouraged, keep striving for excellence, and your efforts will pay off in the end.

In a future post we will expand on each of the above points but for now if you need help to optimise your listing, strategies around pricing, using Airbnb tools and promotions or setting up automations to improve efficiency then we would love to help!

Updated photo collage set showcasing Aveley - an Airbnb Superhost property managed by Daylesford BNB.
High-quality photos are crucial for attracting guests and showcasing your space in the best possible way. Learn why updating your photos can improve your Airbnb visibility and bookings

A quick note about how news photos can help after losing Airbnb Superhost status

We recently did an updated photoshoot at Aveley we get more bookings from but noticed that after the Airbnb Winter release we has a major slow down on bookings, particularly at our lower end properties. We had planned to do a new photoshoot at all our houses and recently wrote about Tips for planning an Airbnb photoshoot – but we noticed that for the following 8 weeks the property was showing up right at the top of Airbnb search – even when we did the search from Brisbane, so we wanted to add this as an extra tip!

If it has been a while since you have updated your photos or your property looks different throughout the reasons consider new photos. Updating photos is a great way to improve your listing’s optimization and visibility on Airbnb. High-quality photos are crucial for attracting guests and showcasing your space in the best possible way.

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