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Welcome Daylesford BNB, and hello from Vanessa

The background story of how Daylesford BNB started, the transition to Majestiv trading as Daylesford BNB,

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Daylesford BNB: The Story Behind Our Agency

Starting a business during the COVID-19 pandemic is no easy feat, but that’s exactly what we did. We never planned to start a BNB agency in Daylesford, but when the company that I worked for stopped providing accommodation services, I saw an opportunity. The properties needed a new manager or agency to take care of guests, and I needed a new job. So, I decided to start a BNB agency and sprang into action.

The Idea for Guest Buddy

A few years ago, I had the idea to develop an app for accommodation properties to provide guests with a digital guest book. I established the business name and domain, Guest Buddy. As a website developer, it ended up being more efficient and economical for customers to have a guest information area created within their website rather than developing a custom or hybrid app. So Guest Buddy as an app didn’t progress, and I continued to build websites for my clients under my freelance design and marketing business Digital 6s.

Starting Daylesford BNB

When the opportunity to start a BNB agency came about, there was little time to come up with a name. The decision to start the agency was made on 28 June 2021, with the previous management company ceasing operations on 30 June 2021. So, the name Guest Buddy was reused in the meantime. I operated for about 3 or 4 weeks before the longest-running Victorian lockdown was first announced. It was only supposed to be a short “circuit breaker,” but I was living in Victoria since the start of COVID and knew this could be much longer than just a week or two, and it certainly was.

Transitioning to Majestiv Pty Ltd Trading as Daylesford BNB

During the lockdown, I used the time to set up a company and pick a name – Majestiv Pty Ltd. It’s an anagram of my son’s name, my partner’s name, and the first letter of my name. I chose it because it’s similar to the word majestic, with just a little twist at the end. While Majestiv the company name we trade as Daylesford BNB with a primary focus on the accommodation, hospitality, and travel sector, is our website promoting all the properties we look after. Some houses, like Eaglemont, and Cara also have their own website. Property owners, landlords, and hosts who are interested in our marketing services should visit Our Property Management Services.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about Majestiv, Guest Buddy, or Vanessa, you are welcome to get in touch anytime. We’re here to help and ensure your stay in Daylesford is a memorable one.

Welcome Daylesford BNB, and hello from Vanessa
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